How Speakers Are Still Getting Booked and Paid to Speak w/ Erick Rheam

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Grant Baldwin and Erick Rheam hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers are still getting booked and paid to speak.

During the live stream, Grant and Erick discuss:

    • The state of the speaking industry
    • Dealing with ambiguity and anxiety
    • Long-term ramifications of social distancing
    • How some speakers are still getting booked and paid to speak
    • Reaching the point of turning down new opportunities
    • When to say no if a gig is outside your brand/industry
    • Thinking about the balance between virtual and live events in the future
    • How do you stay positive and keep moving forward?
    • Why proven systems don’t break even if the variables change
    • What speakers can do to work with live events to postpone without losing income
    • The value of relationships and why you can’t ignore them
    • Now is the time coaching really matters
    • Are speakers still booking events that are happening in the future? (Spoiler Alert: YES!)
    • Pros and cons of virtual events and how to book them
    • Why speakers are in the problem-solving business
    • How to adapt live event keynote to virtual offers that are still on message
    • Being prepared to pivot a lot
    • Starting somewhere and being willing to try new things
    • The dangers of a scarcity mindset
    • Never knowing who’s in the audience
    • How many “sleeps” are you gone for live events vs virtual gigs?
    • Going from 40 potential gigs in his pipeline to 81 during the pandemic
    • Industry insights direct from event planners
    • Using this time to position yourself for when the wave of live events comes back
    • And more

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