Student Success Story: Anthony Armstrong

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.

Why TSL?

As I’ve done more and more podcasts people ask me to tell my story. The more I did and I dug deeper into it, I was like this is something special and there’s something to this. I’ve always wanted to be able to share, uplift, and motivate folks, so what better way than to do it through your own story?

So I started digging into speaking and came across The Speaker Lab. Having had coaching in other avenues of life such as real estate and football and knowing that I was at my best when I had a coach and a set program, rather than dropping me off in the middle of the ocean with a couple of tools and have to build a boat, why not get everything I need to be successful. So, I jumped in!

My story is about overcoming, mindset, and perseverance. Doing things that people think you can’t do, or shouldn’t do. I speak to fellow real estate agents and high school students about understanding that wherever you’re from, wherever you want to get to… you can achieve anything as long as you’re willing to pay that price.

How has the VIP Program impacted you?

Man, a whole lot, honestly. The biggest one in the beginning was the structure around your talk creation. Mine’s always been relatively chronological and I’ve been working on ways to improve that and make it a more impactful and powerful keynote. The storytelling side of it is big, instead of making a boring chronological order of events. That was very helpful for me.

Understanding the different ways to network and find out who could be a source of a lead has been very helpful. It’s not always that one person that you talk to, but they may be one or two people away from saying, oh, you should talk to this person.

Also getting re-engaged with LinkedIn. I think that one was refreshing. If you’re coming from some of the other social platforms, you go over there and you’re like Oh, okay everybody here is doing work, they’re not just looking at cat memes all day.

What results have you seen?

I’ve had the confidence to ask, for a certain price. You have to find the right person for that price so knowing your market is important. But gaining that confidence and taking more reps is always helpful. So I’ve had four talks so far this year with a couple more coming in.

I have a guy who’s with a major company that’s in Arkansas who says that they get a new budget in June. So I will keep in contact with him to close that deal hopefully in June. Then I can go on the road a little bit and take this baby elsewhere and see what we can do with it. Just having the confidence to reach out to people showing what I know and what I offer having that abstract is amazing because you can easily just be like, here you go, take a look at this and they’re ready to go with it. Instead of having to try to sell yourself through every process, you already have the answers right there for people. That has been very beneficial.

Who do you think would benefit from The Speaker Lab?

Anybody that has that special story and has felt moved to speak to a certain audience. I think this would be your time to sign up. If you’re reading this, this is your sign to go ahead and give it a try and you’ll see if it works for you. If you want it, you will make it work for you.

The Speaker Lab has everything you need content, coaching, and community all you have to do is follow the system and do the work. Are you willing to pay the price to build a business in speaking you can be proud of? Only you can answer that. If the answer is YES – The Speaker Lab is for you.


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