Student Success Story: Dr. India White

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.

Why TSL?

I was actively speaking but struggling to maximize my events. I would show up, do my talk, and leave. I wasn’t selling from the stage, or getting referrals, and no one ever asked me to come back to another event. There seemed to be a disconnect between partners (who I see as customers) and myself. I needed The Speaker Lab to fill that gap because I’ve realized it’s all about building relationships.

Today, when I make a connection with an event planner or organizer, I am asking for a pre and post-interview… I have never done that before, and it has significantly changed the game.

I am closing bigger rooms, and I’ve been upgraded from speaking to only 600 to speaking to 1000 teachers. Being a part of this program filled in the gaps in communication with event planners and leaders, and it helped me tremendously.

I speak to teachers and principals, and I have a couple of different topics that I speak on. The Speaker Lab really helped me hone the titles to make them more catchy and specific. The first one is How To Harness Your Skill Set In Closing The Achievement Gap. The other topics are about harnessing grit and equitable math practices to help students improve in the classroom.

As a Masters Student, what has had a direct impact on your business?

Definitely a boost in confidence! I would book speaking events, but I wasn’t always sure that they wanted me. Now I am able to be forward and clear with organizers to let them know what services I offer them.

Before The Masters Program with Erick Rheam, I didn’t know how to package what I offered in a way that was attractive to event organizers. Now, I am confident as to why it is important for them to hire me, and they are clear on the transformation I will offer them.

Many speakers, myself included, have imposter syndrome.

We have a fear of the unknown.

We’re not sure if we want that big stage. We say we do, but then we get into a prospecting conversation, and we don’t know how to ask them for $10k. Is that too much? Is that too little? Some speakers struggle with asking for $500 because they just don’t know their worth.

Being a part of The Masters Program has definitely confirmed my worth. As a result, people don’t hesitate. They know they need me because of my confidence in how I make the offer. They are willing to pay me bigger amounts because of how I am able to leverage the different services I offer them.

Another impact The Masters Program has made on me and my speaking business is I used to be so excited about getting just the stage. After working with Erick, I now think about the entire year. I approach my business so differently. Not only am I going to get the stage, I’m going to also give you a workshop and I’m going to come back to your school and do an equity challenge. And then, I’m going to work one-on-one with your teachers and principals.

It’s no longer just about getting the stage. It’s about building a thriving business. Today, I am able to leverage the skillset, tools, and information that I was given from this program, and it is helping me build a thriving business.

What financial impact has The Masters Program 5-part system had on your speaking business?

Honestly, starting out, I was really afraid to go out on my own. I questioned if I could make ends meet, especially as a single mom.

Today, I can happily say that some of the checks I’ve received have equaled 80% percent of what I was making as a teacher in a year. I have only been in the program since June 2023, and it is now October 2023!

I can confidently say I’m a full-time business owner, and I thank God for that. I’m currently being contracted with various companies. It’s a great feeling because I don’t know when business will ever run out. I’ve been able to sell myself and show my worth, to reveal what I have to offer specifically to this niche.

Erick’s 5-part system is plug and play. Anyone who learns the system and implements it will be successful. Hands down! What I love about it is he has you do an assessment first. From there, he teaches you, specific to your business – how to get the stage, sell your workshops, write and sell books, create new trainings, etc.. There are literally no limits to what you can do with your speaking business, which is so exciting when it comes to revenue strategy and goals.

Who would you recommend to The Masters Program?

So, I would recommend The Speaker Lab to those who are already speaking and just need more help in crafting their message in order to get in front of the right people – event planners and organizers. Without a clear message, it will be a challenge to get on a call, and that is the key to closing and booking gigs.

This is for anyone who seriously wants to make speaking their business. You have to know your worth, believe in that, and you MUST put in the work. The content is great, and Erick’s system is incredible, but if you only come here to play, you will not be successful. You have to remember you’re investing in yourself. You need to make the most of your investment. And you need to also trust the process.

Erick will guide you, push you, and encourage you – he was amazing to work with, so if you are serious and believe this is what you are called for, Erick and The Masters Program is for you!


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