Student Success Stories: Joe Bland

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.


For approximately 20 years my audience was given to me in a sense. I worked for the church and I worked for our diocese. I was speaking at events where the audience was supplied to me by the church. Back in October, I left one of our local parishes and went out on my own. So even though I had 20 plus years of skill when it comes to giving talks, keynotes, and workshops I thought, okay, where do I start to get my own gigs?

I knew I needed help. I started seeing The Speaker Lab on Facebook and Instagram. I started to do some investigation of my own on your website. I had a call with one of the Enrollment Advisors and he broke down the whole program. What surprised me is how you teach your students how to run the business not just how to be a great speaker. For me that was a sale!

I am a Catholic Mindset Coach and I speak to young adults and the youth on evangelization and discipleship.


First and foremost, my coach Michelle helped me hone in my message of my talks. Which is important when it comes to marketing. She also helped me pick a solid CRM that was a good fit for me.
Learning the skills on how to mine leads has been very impactful. The difference between working warm leads versus cold leads. I have 20 years of working history in my area of expertise. So, learning how to go back and mind those warm leads and relationships to convert into paying gigs is a game changer.

All the different modules I found super helpful. Not one stood out over the other but they all built upon each other. Little light bulbs kept going off. The way you all laid out the program helped make it all make perfect sense. It wasn’t overwhelming which I was appreciative of.

Michelle and I had some great talks about those overwhelming details of running the business day in, day out. For me, it can be very overwhelming. The Speaker Lab gave me excellent tools in how to take in little bite size chunks. I am normally not a uber detailed person, unless I have to be. This program helped me to create the important details and put them into a system so that I can be successful.


I’m booking out right now to the end of 2023!. Just within a couple weeks of finishing the modules, I have five gigs lined up already. I also have three – four others in the warm to hot pipeline.
Honestly, the email templates have been great, especially for cold leads. TSL really supplies a whole whole treasure trove of resources so that we can get immediate success if worked properly.


Well, I speak mostly in the faith-based world. So I would encourage anybody in the Catholic, Christian, Protestant circles who are wanting to break out on their own like me. Maybe they have worked in the church or in ministry for the church and are ready to share their message farther and wider… with the world!

If you have a message that other people can benefit The Speaker Lab will help you take that message to the next level.

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