John Crowley

Brentwood, TN

Tell us about yourself; who are you and what do you do for fun?

I’m a knuckle dragging, one lunged, ginger salesman. I love fishing with my 2 girls (Logan 11 and Keira 9) and teasing my wife about forcing her to come with us. I am a Vice President at Cardinal Health (a Fortune 26 company) responsible for leading a business in the convoluted and ever evolving world of healthcare. I get to practice my trade everyday! I believe: 1. Simple wins 2. Execution is all that matters 3. A good team beats a great individual all day!

What got you into speaking? Is it what you expected?

Being in sales and now leading a multi-billion dollar business – I’m always on stage. Since my public speaking class in college, I’ve loved the high that comes from the vulnerability and influence tightrope that comes from being on stage. My goal is to make this my full time gig by June 2019. I’ll let you know then if it met my expectations.

Tell us about your hardest moment as a speaker so far.

Getting honest feedback. People don’t want to hurt your feelings. When I ask for feedback, I only get compliments. I know there’s room for improvement but it’s finding the people who will be honest with me that I struggle with.

What has been your biggest success as a speaker so far?

The follow up emails I get after a presentation telling me how the message positively impacted the listener. What a rush!

What was your biggest struggle before finding The Speaker Lab?

Expectations of people scheduling presentations. I didn’t understand the process they go through to vet speakers. A framework for preparing for a career speaking. I needed help with everything from the website, highlight video, proposals, contracts, abstracts, etc.

How has The Speaker Lab helped you and your business?

The Speaker Lab gave the insight necessary to feel comfortable when prospecting, negotiating and following up after the event.

What is your number one goal over the next 6 months to a year?

1. Finish my book Knuckle Dragging Sales 2. To book 4 more paid speaking gigs by 12/31/17.

About John Crowley

I help motivated but overwhelmed Healthcare Sales Professionals become remarkable. My purpose is to simplify the convoluted world of healthcare so they can sell more. I do this by providing unique tools and anecdotal insights through my presentations, blog and soon to be best selling book - Knuckle Dragging Sales.

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