Student Success Stories: Justin Banks

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.


I have been speaking sporadically, might be once a year, every couple of months or something would just pop up. I love motivating people and helping them believe in themselves. I knew I wanted to branch out into a specific topic around anxiety and mental health but I needed the help in understanding how. I needed the knowledge of how to build the business of professional speaking. That’s where The Speaker Lab came in.

Today, I help people overcome anxiety so they can confidently fulfill their life’s purpose. I believe when people can overcome their anxiety and find their light, they find their power which then allows them to finally start living the way they’re supposed to be.


I’ve always been a diligent hard worker, but a strong work ethic with no strategy will most likely get you nowhere. The SPEAK Framework helped me put my hard work in the right areas so that I could have great results. From knowing when to scale, acquiring paid gigs, branding and marketing, talk creation, and so much more. The knowledge is abundant but then there’s a strategy for each piece of content, which I really found great value in.

The Talk Template in module 2 I found super helpful. At first I just did a massive brain dump around what I want to talk about. Then the next question comes out helping me break down all this information I have in my head and now on paper. I really appreciate the template helping me organize my passion. I guess that’s the best way I could say it, because how do I find the statistics or how can I back up living on purpose and with passion?

TSL helps you organize your stories and makes your talk engaging. As speakers we want to make an impact but if you don’t have a strategy to organize, edit, and revise your content, you might fall short. Being able to go through my talk and see what works and what doesn’t really helped boost my confidence. And then hearing Grant’s own speeches and seeing his development and the development of the other coaches was really helpful.

The coaching around the talk was powerful as well. The advice like, take your time where you’re talking about this topic or this is where you want to bring the energy. This is where you want to bring the funny, and it really becomes a refined skill that will make an impact and people will love. I wouldn’t have got that trying to do this on my own.


I applied to quite a few conferences and so far I know I got accepted into two that are actually in my industry. And they’re national gigs. I will be doing a breakout session to people from all over the Country, which is really cool.

Additionally, and I think once you complete TSL’s program you will understand this, I now am a professional speaker! This is important to distinguish because there’s a difference to who I was when I signed up to who I am now. The more I worked the modules the more confidence I gained. I felt myself changing and believing I CAN DO THIS! Which is so important.

At the end of this program you want to feel like you can step out onto that stage confidently and know you have a message to share and impact to make. TSL combined with my hard work has definitely done that for me.


You have to be passionate about it. It takes work to really build this, and if you are passionate enough and you actually have a WHY that will help you to keep you going… DO IT! Not only will you work hard but you’ll enjoy learning so much about the speaking industry.

You also need to have passion for your industry. Of course, you come to TSL to build a business, but without the passion for the work you are doing and the people you are doing it for, it will feel more like work rather than impact.

People pick up on this, so if event planners don’t feel like you are giving your all, it will be very challenging to build a successful speaking business. One thing TSL teaches is that one gig can often lead to more gigs. This is where it’s so important to bring the passion for what you do.

What you give forth will be reciprocated. So, really want it for yourself, but also want it for your audience. Never forget why you got started in the first place.

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