Student Success Stories: Laura Billon

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.

Why TSL?

I speak predominantly to government people, law enforcement, fire department, and people in behavioral and mental health counseling and juvenile justice. When I saw the Elite Booked and Paid to Speak program I knew it was time and so I said, “I’m going all in”.

I’m a fire-setting profiler, investigator, and educator. I teach and train all over the country and actually in other countries too. I’ve been doing that for over 20 years. But as we all know, teaching is very different than speaking and I needed to change that mindset. It’s really easy to get up there and talk to a group when you’re talking at them versus talking with them. TSL came at the perfect time to help me expand as a speaker versus an educator. I knew in order to become a professional speaker I needed guidance on what it is that I do, clarity on the areas I talk about, and how to get out there and be a dynamic presenter.

What were some of your A-ha’s and takeaways?

I can happily say I just did my first keynote address! A two-hour keynote at that. One simple yet profound a-ha was the reminder to slow down. In general, I’m a fast talker and it’s real easy for me to go through a two-hour presentation in an hour because I just get going. So some of the things Rick worked on with me were slowing down and emphasizing key points.

Another A-ha early on in the program was understanding the problem I solve and seeing how I can be a solution to people. That really gives you the confidence to get yourself out there when you know you are making an impact.

Something else that was really helpful was not allowing that word “keynote” to play mindset games with me. Again, Rick was so helpful in coaching me on the realization that I am just doing something I’ve been doing for years, enlightening people’s minds. Just because someone calls it a keynote doesn’t mean it has to be scary. That was a huge help to me.

What is your new normal as a professional speaker?

My new normal for 2022 is to get the word out and to let folks know that I’m a professional speaker available for hire. I can happily report that the keynote I just did already booked me for December 2022. They told me they wouldn’t allow me to leave until I was rebooked, which was really encouraging.

Who would you recommend to The Speaker Lab?

I would recommend somebody like myself. People who have a message and want to give back through that message. Also, someone who knows they have a message but needs the confidence to know how to share that message with the world.

The helpful tools and techniques have been so very beneficial to me. And I will just say one last thing that has been very helpful to me. We are all our own worst critics and I think the positivity from you, Grant, Rick, and the entire Student Success team was very helpful and it really makes a difference. I think in today’s day and age we can all use more positivity like that in our lives. Thank you so much.

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