Noelle LaCharite

Hopkinton, NH

Tell us about yourself; who are you and what do you do for fun?

I am passionate about my family, I’m married to a wonderful woodworker and carpenter, Jon. We have 4 children. We own a farm in NH and we are building a petting zoo and equine therapy center for children and young adults with special needs. I love bikram yoga, meditation and philosophy. In most spare minutes you will find me reading something non-fiction and listening to classical music.

What got you into speaking? Is it what you expected?

I’ve been speaking since I was a teenager, as I was always leading workshops and meditations at church. For years I wanted to be a minister, but my passion for technology left me wanting more. Now I get to do both.

Tell us about your hardest moment as a speaker so far.

My hardest moment as a speaker has been not making it to an agreed upon engagement. It’s only happened once in the hundreds of times I have presented, but it was heartbreaking to let my client down, no matter what the circumstance.

What has been your biggest success as a speaker so far?

My biggest success was becoming a paid evangelist for Alexa! This was a confirmatory step in my journey to becoming a paid speaker. I was still working for someone else, which meant that I could not choose my own gigs and schedule, but it was the beginning.

What was your biggest struggle before finding The Speaker Lab?

Before The Speaker Lab, I really struggled with creating a professional image, talking to clients, discussing pay. The Lab really helped my formulate my dream into an actual business with a lead pipeline, daily effort and a goal.

How has The Speaker Lab helped you and your business?

The Speaker Lab helped me find a community, build an event pipeline, realize I am not alone, and get feedback on my progress.

What is your number one goal over the next 6 months to a year?

6 months: to have 2-3 paid events per month. 1 year: to make 100k in speaking/books/consulting

About Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite is an evangelist. She is passionate about voice technology, AI bots and Mindful Leadership. As a Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon Alexa, she owns and manages projects that will help define the vision for Alexa’s voice experience, drive investments in accuracy and end-to-end voice experience quality and find opportunities for increasing innovation across the data science and engineering teams related to machine learning. She has spent many years as a technical trainer and evangelist for IBM, a Solution Architect for RedHat and in Education Leadership at Amazon Web Services. She has been an enterprise developer, architect and principle consultant over a decade. She has been voted a top 10 presenter at RedHat Summit and has spoken at dozens of technical and digital marketing events. As an Evangelist for Voice Technolgies, she develops demonstrations, white papers and tutorials and speaks at technical conferences, seminars and executive meetings

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