Student Success Story: Paige Davis

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.


I work primarily with entrepreneurs helping them navigate change and uncertainty with more ease, connection and clarity through a lens of mindfulness and wellness.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the high pressure stakes of needing to stay simultaneously focused and nimble. This can create tremendous stress on our nervous system which ultimately impacts everything from our decision making to how we are communicating with our team.

The importance of entrepreneurs, specifically founders of a company prioritizing their wellness is paramount to their success long term and provides an opportunity to weave wellness into the foundation of their organization as they prepare and experience growth.

I’ve run the gamut of different type of speaking opportunities -big stages, smaller workshops, executive retreats and I do love it, but I’ve always heard people say, you should do this full-time. You should really pursue this. The problem was, it was never fully clear to on how to make that happen.

So, when I came across the speaker lab, I knew this was the time to explore if this was something I wanted to pursue and put all my energy into. Since making this decision it has brought me a great deal of clarity.


I appreciated the comprehensive structure and the step-by-step process in the way The Speaker Lab presented the material. From the PDFs to the resources to the videos throughout. I found it very impressive.

The one module that actually surprised me was Module 3 – Establish Your Expertise. Originally, I didn’t think I needed this help. As an entrepreneur I have a personal website and a company website, so I thought I knew everything I needed to make my speaking website stellar.

I quickly realized, I did need help with this and I appreciated the thoughtful questions the team asked. It helped me hone in on my audience and ultimately build a speaker site I can be proud of.

I also appreciated that even though the modules do have a specific order, I was able to go in and out of them, referring back to specific points, as I learned additional content. It wasn’t always in that linear fashion, which is actually how I like to learn. So, the structure of the framework supported me in my mind map thinking mentality, which I greatly appreciated.


Clarity on what I wanted my speaking business to look like. This may be anti-norm to what the expected outcome is, but it was really helpful for me to realize I don’t necessarily want that road warrior path of a speaker. Part of it is where I am in my life.

And the other part is with Covid, we’ve all faced tremendous changes, myself having gone through significant loss and grief. So being all over the world speaking is not my goal and I think this is really important to know.

Initially in my mind, I thought being a road warrior speaker was the only way you could be a speaker. So, for me, it really helped me to clarify what is most important for me – ease, connection and flow. Which also means more intimate speaking opportunities. Workshops, one-on-one coaching, presentations to smaller groups is what I am prioritizing.

I am also focusing on warm leads. I know TSL teaches about cold lead prospecting, but to start I feel more comfortable focusing on those who are close to me in my network. I can appreciate the process of the cold leads and just the task oriented nature of it. I know this will be something I will need to incorporate down the road.

And, admittedly I need to get better at setting aside time each day to just do those cold emails. I’m still doing a lot of outreach and nurturing the relationships I have and it’s been so helpful to have my new website to add that level of confidence to show people what I am doing now as a speaker. It’s definitely resulting in some new opportunities.


I think anyone who’s just been curious about exploring if this is something they want to do. Those people who may have a message but wonder how to share it. The Speaker Lab will definitely help you get clarity on this and so much more.

I know I keep talking about the comprehensive nature of the program, but the coaches (Michelle is the best!) are also accessible and the community is great. You get so much inspiration from the other speakers and, so, I think it’s really anyone who’s curious and wants to finally explore this as an option.

TSL will give you the content to be a success, the support to get you there, and then you can ultimately decide how you will run your speaking business. It’s a win win.


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