Student Success Stories: Scott Medlin

Here at The Speaker Lab, our goal is to help you get Booked and Paid to Speak. Our Student Success Stories share first hand experiences from our students of how they’ve booked paid speaking gigs and grown their businesses by applying the concepts they learned in our courses.


To be honest, I was totally illiterate to marketing. I was marketing myself from a place of what I can do for someone. I quickly learned, thanks to Coach Rick, it’s less about how they feel about me, but more about how I can make them feel. Also, and this is important, how can I solve their greatest problem.

I had listened to Grant Baldwin’s podcast for a while, and I have always dreamed about being a full-time professional speaker. I figured why not listen to Grant? So, that was it, I joined the program.

Today, I speak about how to keep police officers alive and thriving during these times of, well, not only the challenges within their career, but also, the mental health challenges they face on a daily basis.

I’m not a mental health specialist, but I have worked in law enforcement and experienced hard times, depression, addiction, P T S D, so I speak to ways of overcoming those challenges.

My goal is to inspire them to keep moving forward through different techniques that I learned along the way, but also researched for the writing of my books.


Structuring the speech, in module 2 I found very helpful. I also found Grant’s instructions about traveling and his advice on how to speak to event planners about their conferences was monumental.

Additionally, all the email scripts were super helpful. I didn’t always know how to start the conversation or what to say in reply to a conference planner reaching out.

Having the scripts and all the pre-written text to simply copy and paste I found extremely helpful. In fact, the one email where it basically says I am not going to brother you anymore… I actually got a reply apologizing that it has taken so long to respond. I was like WOW, this really works.

I also have to say the coaching was second to none. I received a call to speak at a national conference in November of 2022 and they gave me a few months to prepare. Jeremy helped me construct the opening and ending of my speech and it was amazing. The way he helped me really made an impact on that experience.

The delivery of it worked and I could see how it resonated with the audience. I had people come up to me afterwards and say, wow, you really took it home at the end, and you really hit hard there. I mean, that was all Jeremy’s work right there. Sure I delivered, but that was from his advice as to how to word the speech. I will never forget that.

Rick helped me change the bullet points on my course. He obviously never had any experience in law enforcement, as he said, but he still took what I gave him and made it so marketable. I was just floored in a good way, as to how well he worded it. It was amazing. So the coaching was just immaculate in my opinion.


The inspiration and the dedication to keep going. That’s one.

My wife pointed out this afternoon, she said, you’ve literally doubled your speaking gigs since going through The Speaker Lab! I said, wow, you’re right! So, a lot more paid speaking is another result. I’ve got some coming up this summer, which 3-4 of them were from the leads that were generated by TSL.

I created an online course which was a big push I felt from TSL. You taught me that thinking about the whole business and how you can expand it is critical to the growth. So I thought, okay, a lot of people are doing online courses, I need to get with the program.

Daily, I focus on being consistent with messaging on social media, like my YouTube channel and my podcast. I am also networking like crazy – that’s been the name of the game.


Anybody wanting to be a speaker or even someone wanting to get into teaching or instructing – basically, any career field at all, where you have to get in front of people.

Also, entrepreneurs who want or need to learn more about marketing their message in order to grow their business. That’s what The Speaker Lab is about as well, in my opinion.

You have to put the work in and you have to be patient with the process, but if you do what is outlined, you will see success.

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