Student Success Stories

People just like you have worked with us to take their speaking careers to the next level. These are their stories.

Amber Simonsen
"If you feel like you have a message to share, this is the place where you can come to learn how to build a speaking business."
Dominique Luster
"I recommend TSL to women who aren't sure about their own voice. Because a woman who's confident in her story can change everything."
Dale Wilsher
"The Speaker Lab is so comprehensive I believe they can help anyone improve their business with speaking."
Sara Murray
"There's a huge opportunity for people who are employed to really set themselves up as a subject matter expert with the education TSL provides."
Bruce Wawrzyniak
"It was encouraging to get a glimpse behind the “curtain’ to how successful speakers can be making a living out of this career path."
Dr. Peggy DeLong
"TSL's coaching has been very impactful. I love that there is always somebody available to guide you through those really big decisions."
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Apply For the Booked & Paid To Speak Cohort And Get Your First (Or Next) Paid Speaking Gig — Guaranteed

If you’re selected to enroll in our coaching program, do the work, and still don’t get booked and paid to speak through this program, we’ll give you a full refund. But due to the 100% money back warranty and unlimited coaching offered, we only select 10-15 students to work with per cohort.