Episode #4

Q&A: How to Organize Your Talk

With The Speaker Lab

On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab, we are answering your burning questions. That’s right, today’s episode is another Q&A session with me, and it is all about you! Remember your questions can be featured on future episodes of The Speaker Lab, so make sure to submit your questions at the link below.

Today on The Speaker Lab, I answer viewers’ questions about very different and exciting topics. Today’s question topics range from organizational skills to speaking preparation to actual speaking subjects.

Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • How can you organize your thoughts into a talk?
  • What is a “brain dump”, and how can it help you be organized?
  • The power of just one line or phrase, and how you can find yours.
  • How can you create your “skeleton outline”?
  • The importance of the “so what” and the “now what”.
  • How can you understand and define your audience?
  • Which audiences are broad, and which are specific?
  • And much, much more!
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