073. Travel Tips for Speakers (Part 1)

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When most people think of traveling for speaking gigs they think it’s glamorous: you travel first class, visit a new city, stay in a nice hotel, etc.

And sometimes it is fun and exciting – and other times it is exhausting. Like when the airlines lose your luggage, or when your flight is delayed and you have to sleep in the airport or a sketchy motel because nothing else is available! I’ve been in all those scenarios, the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous.

On episode 73 I’m sharing what I’ve learned about the ins and outs of travel. Today I’ll talk about what you should do before you travel, what to do when you book your travel and what to do during the actual travel. Whether you’re already a road warrior or you’re prepping for your first out-of-town gig, you’ll learn plenty on this edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • What travel rewards program should you become a member of, and why?
  • How to pick your preferred airline, hotel, and rental car company.
  • How to get upgrades and when to fly standby.
  • Why American Airlines is my preferred airline, and why it matters to you.
  • Why you shouldn’t book the last flight to an event.
  • What are Kayak and TripIt and why should you use them?
  • Should you ever book non-refundable hotel rooms?
  • Should you invoice travel fees separately or bill one flat rate inclusive?
  • And much, much more!

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