253. How to Change Target Audiences with Vanessa Van Edwards

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Vanessa Van Edwards Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab public speaker public speaking change your target audienceIf you begin your career speaking to certain people do you know how to change target audiences? Or even if you should change target audiences?

Never fear our guest for this episode has done it and she is sharing all the details! Vanessa Van Edwards began her speaking career talking to teens and parents, but today she runs the site Science of People.

On episode 253 of The Speaker Lab she tells us why she changed audiences and how she did it as well as why she’s moving to a new part of the country to help her speaking business, and why doing the same might help you, too! Join us to hear all of that and more on today’s The Speaker Lab.


  • How did her online course help her narrow down her target market?
  • What are the differences between introverts, extroverts and ambiverts?
  • How can you appeal to all three types of people in your presentation?
  • What was the moral turning point when she changed her business model?
  • How did she make the shift from teens and their parents to corporate audiences?
  • Why she opted to niche her speaking topics rather than her audience.
  • How did she leverage her web site traffic to cultivate her own research?
  • What are some reasons she didn’t raise her rates sooner?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “If you aren’t getting no 1 out of every 5 requests you aren’t charging enough.  
Vanessa Van Edwards


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