276. How to Become a Virtual Speaker, with Terry Brock

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Virtual reality is becoming part of our lives, even part of our speaking careers.

Terry Brock is our guest for today’s show and he’s to dig deeper into something we touched on during his first visit:  how to become a virtual speaker.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we get into the finer details on virtual speaking and things like the technology you need, how to price yourself, the clients who hire virtual speakers, and how you can actually earn more as a virtual speaker than speaking in-person.

Terry tells us those things and much more so please be sure to join us for episode 276 of The Speaker Lab!



    • Is Zoom a necessary part of a virtual speaking set up?
    • How can an index card help you create a connection virtually?
    • What is key to ensuring a win for both your client and for you?
    • Are there industries or clients that are more receptive to virtual speaking?
    • Why would people initially be reluctant to use video?
    • When and why you should offer a bonus session for your clients.
  • How do you set up pricing and fees for virtual speaking?
  • What is the most important piece of your online set up?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Understand how to use technology so both parties win.– Terry Brock


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