Episode #466

How Speakers Can Maximize Their Time by Leveraging AI

With Lauren Teague

“AI enhances my creativity and helps me explore new ideas. From AI-generated music and artwork to machine learning algorithms that assist in brainstorming and content creation, it has become an invaluable tool in my creative process.”

Today, Grant sat down with Lauren Teague to chat about her speaking business and how she uses AI as a work partner to maximize her time, increase her creative output, and scale the amount of work she’s putting in to create great pieces of content.

“It’s like the most valuable intern that you could hire in that most capable, but you have to be extremely specific and good at delegation in order to get the most out of it.”

In this episode, Grant and Lauren dig into: 

  • Lauren’s background in speaking
  • Why content matters when you’re building a brand
  • How to leverage AI to help you create more content
  • What Lauren uses AI for in her everyday life
  • How AI can help you scale the amount of content you ship
  • What AI tools are currently on the market, and what they do
  • The difference between queries and prompting
  • What makes a strong prompt
  • And more!


AI is both new and old. It’s new in the sense that we’re seeing advancements and applications that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. But it’s also old because the concept of machines being able to mimic human intelligence has been around for decades. It’s fascinating to see how far we’ve come, but also humbling to realize that we’re still just scratching the surface of what AI can do.”

If you’ve been thinking about implementing AI into your business and your everyday life, this could be a great episode to help you unlock the potential and explore tactical use cases.

“Technology doesn’t take away the human element, it enhances it. And I think that’s what I’ve experienced personally with using tools like PICTORY and Castmagic. It’s not about replacing me as a speaker, it’s about amplifying my message and reaching a wider audience.”

Episode Chapters:

[00:01:41] Lauren’s speaking background.

[00:04:48] AI is ubiquitous and revolutionizing technology.

[00:09:27] AI predictions for the future.

[00:13:28] What is AI, and how does it create content?

[00:16:34] What different types of AI models are out there?

[00:21:02] What is prompting, and what makes a good prompt?

[00:26:37] Popular AI tools for video editing, writing, and imagery.

[00:31:25] What is the future of AI and content in regard to how we consume it?

[00:33:53] Other AI that are useful and exciting.

About Lauren Teague

Lauren Teague knows the secret to building a great business is cultivating fandom rather than followers. One of the sports’ original social media reporters, Lauren spent seven seasons as the voice of @PGATOUR and transformed how professional golf connects with fans online. Today, she is a sought-after marketing strategist and speaker, the host of the Brand to Fan Show, and the founder of the re-commerce startup FanWagn.

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