3 Ideas to Help You Create a Speaking Career You Love with Dan Martell

“Speaking is a platform to share a message and a story that could transform somebody’s life.”

Dan Martell is a SaaS expert, a professional speaker, and an empire owner who joined us on the podcast with Grant to chat about how speaking fits into his business strategy, the mindset he brings to speaking, and the power he sees in content creation and ideation. 

Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation:  

Speaking can be whatever you want it to be. 

For a lot of speakers, the goal is to become a really well-known speaker, but for Dan, speaking is like a glorified hobby! It’s a PART of his empire, but it’s not a significant income generator for him. 

Dan’s built a world where speaking is a tool for him to reach further into the world and spread his impact through the lessons he’s learned. What we love about Dan’s story is that it’s such a great example of using speaking to advance his legacy instead of relying on it to create his legacy. 

If you’re dreaming about a speaking career’s potential, Dan’s story is a great reminder to dream bigger so you can transform the world around you. 

Speaking is not a career to approach lightly. 

If you have the opportunity to share a message and a story that could hopefully transform somebody’s life, it’s your responsibility to do that. I take it very seriously. I had a friend of mine, a speaker who told me once, he looked at me right in the eyes and he said, if you ever have the opportunity to get on a stage to communicate to other people, you better bring your A game. Because he said that is the highest honor ever.”

When you’re building your keynote and you’re exploring your niche, make sure that you remember the power that you will have to influence lives and inspire change in others. It’s not a position to take lightly, and it’s something to approach with clear intentions and integrity. 

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Speaking helps you create ongoing content and a better final product. 

When you’re speaking in person, virtual, or doing adjacent activities like podcasting, YouTube shows, or filming content for social media, it allows you to test content, refine it, and serve a marinated product to your audience.

If you’re only active in one part of this system, you’ll develop great content, but it will take longer without the quick feedback that social media and clips have to offer. The pro tip here is to write all your ideas down. When you’re feeling stumped, it’s time to pull out the list and try something new! 

Ready to hear more? Check out Episode #472 of The Speaker Lab podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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