Episode #472

How to Use Your Platform to Maximize Your Legacy

With Dan Martell

“Speaking is a platform to share a message and a story that could transform somebody’s life.”

This week, Grant is joined by Dan Martell to talk about how to create a nontraditional speaking career. For Dan, speaking isn’t about the money. It’s a way to spread his message and impact lives. Want to leverage your speaking to create long-term value and develop strong relationships? This is the episode for you.

“If you ever have the opportunity to get on a stage to communicate to other people, you better bring your A game. Because he said that is the highest honor ever.”

In this episode, Grant and Dan cover how to: 

  • Leverage platforms to share your message
  • Create a speaking career that isn’t your sole income
  • Use speaking for brand building
  • Find your niche and speak for impact to the audiences you resonate with the most
  • Get better at speaking with repetition
  • Play to your strengths as a speaker
  • Assess the intangible benefits of a speaking career

“I you have the honor and the privilege of getting on a stage, you should decide to be world class at that craft, and doing the reps is part of it.”

Episode Chapters:

  • [00:03:59] When did Dan start coding and why?
  • [00:05:22] What mindset do you bring to the speaking events you take?
  • [00:07:45] How to build your confidence as a speaker.
  • [00:13:57] Dan’s thoughts on structuring a talk.
  • [00:19:38] Using speaking to build a brand vs it being the “product” you sell.
  • [00:21:47] Creating content for the brand through your daily actions.
  • [00:24:02] What it looks like to use your empire to change lives.
  • [00:30:16] The importance of testing content and staying agile.
  • [00:31:05] How to play bigger in the marketing/branding space
  • [00:35:11] Balancing Dan’s schedule and buying back his time.
About Dan Martell

Serial entrepreneur, speaker, investor, former founder of Clarity.fm. Dan is a perfect example of someone who has overcome all odds to achieve massive success. Having built and sold 3 technology companies, Dan now dedicates his time to coaching high performing SaaS entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in a predictable way. He lives in Kelowna, BC with his wife Renee and two boys.

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