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So, you’re looking for a public speaking podcast to listen to, but you don’t know where to begin? Here at The Speaker Lab, we’ve collated a list of the top 10 public speaking podcasts for aspiring speakers. Check it out below!

1. The Speaker Lab Podcast

Want to learn how to get booked and paid to speak — consistently? The Speaker Lab podcast features business tactics, speaking tips, and insider strategies from Grant Baldwin, The Speaker Lab coaches, and some of the world’s most successful speakers.

You’ll learn how to find speaking gigs, build relationships in your industry, negotiate higher speaker fees, and grow your speaking business. Every week, this podcast will give you key insights and practical advice from speakers who have been there and done that and can help you take the next step in your speaking journey. Whether you’re just getting started as a paid speaker or you’re a veteran speaker looking to build and grow your business, The Speaker Lab Podcast is here for you!

Listen to The Speaker Lab Podcast on:

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2. The Public Speaker Podcast

The Public Speaker podcast started in 2012, and it was in production for more than eight years. Hosted by Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker Podcast has been downloaded over 16 million times and nominated twice for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, once in 2013 and once in 2016.

The Public Speaker podcast is oriented toward helping listeners to engage, motivate, entertain, persuade and speak better. This is not just important for public speaking, but for effective communication in general. Although it’s no longer producing new episodes, you can access the archive for The Public Speaker podcast via the links below.

Compared to the other shows listed below, Marshall’s episodes are relatively shorter, making them an efficient way to gain valuable information, even for the busiest speakers. Check out the episodes below to learn more!

Listen to The Public Speaker on:

3. The Speaking Show with David Newman

The Speaking Show with David Newman is a podcast oriented toward helping aspiring speakers get their business off the ground. Newman runs a marketing strategy firm with clients that include Oracle, IBM, American Express, and Wells Fargo. He wrote the Amazon #1 bestseller Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition.

On the podcast, Newman interviews speakers, consultants, and experts in the Speaking Show podcast who share tips on how to launch your speaking business and speak more profitably.

The podcast also offers advice on how to market your speaking business, create and deliver engaging presentations, book more speaking engagements, properly price your services, and build a successful speaking career. Newman also shares his own insights and experience on the Speaking Show as well.

The Speaking Show is aimed at ambitious speakers who are looking to increase their influence, make more money, and take their career to the next level. Newman provides practical tips and advice on how to achieve these goals and succeed in the speaking industry.

Listen to The Speaking Show on:

4. Technically Speaking from SpeakerFlow

Technically Speaking was created by SpeakerFlow founders Taylorr Payne and Austin Grammon in October 2020 to discuss speaking business topics, such as systems, revenue, and growth.

According to Austin, “Everything we do is based around this idea that if speakers want a sustainable business, they need a clear roadmap to get there… everything is designed to empower speakers not just to be a person that goes to an event and entertains an audience. They’re also empowered to be skilled business owners that create predictability for themselves and enjoy it along the way, the same way we do at SpeakerFlow.”

Technically Speaking hosts a variety of speakers, including The Speaker Lab’s own Grant Baldwin!

Listen to Technically Speaking on:

5.  The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Sarah Archer is a stand-up comedian, playwright, speaker and businesswoman. She is also author of ‘Cracking Speech Mate! – How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker’, and ‘Straight to the Top – How to create and deliver a killer elevator pitch’. The Speaking Club podcast is her medium to help listeners “increase your confidence and public speaking skills, for personal or business growth,” as well as to “discover tips, tricks and strategies on how to speak and pitch using humour and performance,” according to her website.

Archer has seen first-hand how speakers of all levels have been able to grow their speaking careers with the help of several specific tools. She aims to take their speaking careers to the next level. If you are a speaker who worries that your talks don’t connect with the audience, wonders how you can make your message land with more impact, and want to deliver a talk that changes lives, then this podcast might be for you.

Listen to The Speaking Club on:

6. Speaking Podcast By Roy Coughlan

Roy Coughlan has hosted over 150 episodes of this public speaking podcast. According to Coughlan, he started out with a fear of public speaking. But over the course of five years, Coughlan went on to speak in public more than one hundred times. compete in a district-level humorous speech contest and become a finalist for the International Entrepreneurs competition.

Coughlan’s podcast topics range from the abstract (“Be Happy Being an Introvert,” #166) to the technical (#138, “Getting Featured in Forbes”). If you are starting a speaking business, Coughlan’s podcast could serve as a helpful introduction to many different topics.

Listen to Speaking Podcast on:

7. Time to Shine Podcast with Oscar Santolalla

Time to Shine, a podcast hosted by author and speaker Oscar Santolalla, launched in 2014 and has since grown to more than 150 episodes. Each episode focuses on various aspects of running a successful speaking business, such as overcoming public speaking fears, finding speaking opportunities, and standing out from other speakers.

Santolalla invites guests to share inspiring personal stories, their best practices, suggested books, and other amazing resources. The topics discussed range from public speaking to communication skills, storytelling, rhetoric, and presentations. If you want to get inspired by successful public speakers or improve your communication skills and gain the confidence to stand out in any speaking situation, check out this podcast below!

Listen to Time to Shine on:

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8. Grow Your Public Speaking Business with Wendi McNeill

Wendi McNeill, a professional public speaker and coach, hosts the Grow Your Public Speaking Business Podcast. It provides growth strategies and speaking opportunities to speakers looking to expand their business and secure more bookings so they can have a successful speaking business.

According to McNeill, this podcast is oriented toward providing “tips, tools, and resources to help you launch, grow and scale your speaking business.”

Does this sound like you? If so, check out the podcast using the links below.

Listen to Grow Your Public Speaking Business on:

9. The Great Speech Podcast with Kolarele Sonaike

Do you want to become a top-notch communicator? Kolarele Sonaike, lawyer, entrepreneur, and public speaking coach, is here to help. Tune in to The Great Speech Podcast and discover how to effectively craft a compelling presentation and become a master of public speaking. From the latest techniques to tips on how to pitch, Kolarele has you covered.

If you want to increase your communication prowess, you can tune into The Great Speech Podcast to gain further insight into all facets of communication. From storytelling to public speaking, negotiating, and leadership, Kolarele gives you the tools you need to up your game and achieve your desired results.

Kolarele has helped countless individuals and organizations enhance their communication skills. Join in the conversation to learn how to create persuasive arguments, engage your audience, and deliver powerful speeches that persuade and influence. You’ll be sure to leave each episode feeling inspired and equipped with the tools to become a great communicator.

Listen to The Great Speech Podcast on:

10.  Public Speaking Secrets with Victor Ahipene

Ready to become a confident and influential public speaker? Hosted by Victor Ahipene, this podcast takes a deep dive into the lives of keynote speakers, trainers, coaches, YouTubers, influencers, TED speakers, and more as they reveal the secrets that have enabled them to confidently voice their perspectives to the world.

The Public Speaking Secrets podcast will teach you how to tackle your fear of speaking, increase your bookings, earn more business, reach more people, and share your message to a wider audience. If you want to develop the skills to shine in any setting and give your best performance, this podcast may be for you.

Each episode features interviews with guests who are either currently succeeding as a powerful public speaker, or have the techniques and advice you need to become one. Guests discuss their public speaking experience, how to structure your speech for maximum impact, techniques for controlling nerves, a deep dive into the latest public speaking trends, and much more.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned orator, the Public Speaking Secrets podcast is a must-listen for anyone wanting to become a better public speaker. Tune in today to start transforming your speaking.

Listen to Public Speaking Secrets on:


So you’ve now learned a little more about the top 10 public speaking podcasts you should know about. Which one will you listen to next?

Want to learn more about creating your own podcast? Check out this episode of The Speaker Lab Podcast on how to start your own podcast here.

Still want more? Check out our blog post on how to launch your own public speaking podcast on Spotify. Happy speaking!


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