260. Is Your Speaking Topic Financially Viable with Clay Hebert

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How do you know if your speaking topic is financially viable or if your audience will actually pay to hear what you have to say? The man to answer those questions and more is your friend and mine, Clay Hebert.

Clay was here way back on episode 5 of The Speaker Lab and today he is back. We have a fun conversation about several topics including how to figure out if your audience or target market can actually pay speaking fees, the best way to respond to the question of what do you do and why you need to work on your personal brand while also working on your craft.

Tune in to hear the details on episode 260 of The Speaker Lab!



  • Why certain talks don’t pay but can still build your brand and change your career.
  • What three entities pay for speakers?
  • What’s one of the big untold secrets in the speaking industry?
  • Why it’s important to work on your personal brand while you’re also working on your craft.
  • Is it true that winners quit all the time?
  • When does a talk become great?
  • Why do speakers some times choose safe topics?
  • Success leaves what?
  • And much, much more!

Tweetable: “The best way to get a gig is to kill a gig.” – Clay Hebert



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