201. How to Be Married to a Speaker (Part II) with Sheila Baldwin

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This is my favorite guest we’ve ever had and ever will have: my wife! We are talking with Sheila Baldwin, my other half.

Sheila was previously here with us on episode 60, and we’re bringing her back for part two today. We’ll talk about how to be married to a speaker: what Sheila’s role has been in my business, what it’s really like for her when I travel, how we divide up chores and what we like to do for fun.

You’ll hear Sheila give her thoughts on those topics and more today. Please enjoy this conversation with me and my wife on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • What was it like to make the transition from full-time work into self-employment as a speaker?
  • Will there ever be the perfect time?
  • How did we stay connected while I traveled for speaking gigs?
  • How can you stay fully present when you are at home?
  • When Sheila has been kept separate from my business, and why.
  • What challenges has she witnessed as the business has evolved over the years?
  • Did she ever want me to give up speaking?
  • Why does she have me do my own laundry?
  • And much more!

Tweetable: “If it’s important you have to go for it and make it work.– Sheila Baldwin