189. How to Put Yourself Out There with Nicole Walters

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Our guest is an expert at many things, especially how to put yourself out there! Nicole Walters is our entertaining, energetic and sassy guest on this episode of The Speaker Lab.

Nicole is an income strategist, and globe-trotting speaker. In her business, she helps everyday entrepreneurs apply corporate income strategies to get more profitability, more popularity all the while creating a life they love.

On today’s show we talk about her practical tips on how she pitches for gigs, her follow up formula after her initial pitch and how she balances speaking, travel and a family. She also breaks down her different revenue streams for us, why she has a specific season for speaking and her love of making jam! Join us for those insights plus a lot of fun on the 189th episode of The Speaker Lab.


  • How does speaking feed her other businesses?
  • By what metric does she measure how well she spoke at an event?
  • Why does she do meet and greets rather than sell from the stage?
  • Why does she arrive the day before an event?
  • What sets her apart in the marketplace from other speakers, and can you do the same?
  • What percentage of her business time does she spend pitching herself?
  • How many months of pitching did it take for her to speak at a Dave Ramsey conference?
  • What are the two things between you and the biggest stage you are looking for?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “You are the best thing no one has ever heard of – get out there, pitch yourself and see what happens.” – Nicole Walters


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