029. Should You Use a Pen Name When Speaking?

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Welcome to today’s edition of The Speaker Lab. This episode is the start of something very exciting: 30 shows in 30 days!

Here’s how it works: every day a new episode will go up for 30 days and in that show, I’ll be answering one question from a listener. These will short, sweet and concise shows that will help you with one specific area of speaking.

Now that you know how it works let’s get to today’s show. This question comes from Jerry who wants to know if and when to use a pen name as a speaker. To hear the answer tune into episode 29 of The Speaker Lab!



  • Devon Lee

    I just discovered your podcast this month and I’m binge listening. I laughed out loud when I heard you mention needing to use a different name because an adult entertainer works under that name. For years I thought I was the only one with this name until I discovered the truth when I released my first book on Amazon. Now I tell everyone to include my middle name to keep them safe! I thought I was the only one.