017. How to Practice and Rehearse Your Next Presentation

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One thing all great speakers do, whatever their topic or their audience, is practice. They practice, practice and practice more. They rehearse their speech from start to finish many times, they never just wing it on stage. What often makes a great speaker so great is their commitment to practice.

And that’s why I’m spending this entire show to talk about practice and rehearsal. I’ll be covering how much to practice, how to properly rehearse and what sort of process to use when as you are practicing for your next speaking engagement.

Listen in for those topics and much more on episode 17 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Why doing this one thing can help calm your nerves.
  • What athletes can teach us about the necessity of practice.
  • Should you manuscript your entire talk?
  • Why you shouldn’t memorize your speech.
  • Why recording yourself is an effective tactic to create a great speech.
  • How many times should you go through your talk? 
  • Should you stop if you make a mistake while rehearsing?
  • How to choose the people you practice in front of.
  • And much, much more!

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