027. Why Speakers Need to Be Good Copywriters (and How to Become Better) With Ray Edwards

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Ray Edwards joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to discuss how copywriting can help your speaking career, and much more!

What’s the link between copywriting and public speaking? On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab my good friend Ray Edwards joins us to answer that question.

Ray is one of the most successful copywriters in the industry and he shares how having solid copy helped him create a thriving speaking career. His early career days were in radio: as a DJ and in the corporate side.

However, he had the foresight to see the possibilities of the Internet and left to pursue online marketing, promotions and copywriting. Later his success in the online world would lead him into public speaking, a pursuit we talk more about on this episode.

Today, Ray offers his advice on how to use copywriting in the most effective way for your speaking business, how to test out your ideas, and how to integrate persuasion into your career. Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • The three different types of speakers, according to Ray.
  • What is price anchoring and how can you use it?
  • The seven keys to more powerful copywriting.
  • What is the “so what” test?
  • How to approach selling as a shepherd, not a wolf.
  • What is P.A.S.T.O.R and how can you use it to help you?
  • The importance of representing the client well.
  • How to get a great testimonial from an employer.
  • And much, much more!

Tweetable: “Begin with your desired result in mind.”– Ray Edwards