081. How to Get Booked to Speak at Colleges

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Have you ever wanted to speak to college students or collegiate staff? If you have but weren’t sure where to start this is the show for you!

Recently a listener named Eric wrote in wanting to know how to get booked for speaking gigs at colleges. To answer his question, we’ll talk about how to get started speaking at colleges, and where there are the most opportunities in this market.

On The Show I Reveal:

  • Where to get started in the speaking market for colleges.
  • What types of appearances you can do.
  • Where to find colleges/universities that hire speakers.
  • How to build your college speaking business through free and paid avenues.

On episode 81 of The Speaker Lab, I share my personal experiences and insights gleaned from speaking on the collegiate circuit. I also talk about the 9 most potential markets that exist within almost any university.  Check them out below:


9 Potential College Markets:

  1. Student ActivitiesStart your public speaking career or take it to the next level with The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin!
  2. Orientation
  3. Athletics
  4. Greek Life
  5. Clubs
  6. Staff Training
  7. Financial Aid
  8. Individual Schools/Departments
  9. Chapel


You’ll hear about all of that and much more on the 81st edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • The 3 foundational questions to ask and answer before speaking in any market.
  • What questions do you need to answer to define your marketing to colleges?
  • What are the 9 potential markets you could speak to on most campuses?
  • What are the APCA and NACA, and why should you know?
  • What is block booking and how does it work?
  • Why student orientation and staff training are good opportunities to be hired.
  • How should you reach out to potential decision-makers in the college market?
  • And so much more!

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