242. The Current State of the Speaking Market with Brandon Edmondson

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Brandon Edmonson joins Grant Baldwin to talk about how to stay top of mind with potential clients, without being a pain! Join in on episode 163 of The Speaker Lab.What’s the current state of the speaking market like right now? Our guest, Brandon Edmonson, has the answers and he is telling all on episode 242 of The Speaker Lab!

Brandon is the Vice-President of Premiere Speakers Bureau and today he’ll share what they are seeing in the marketplace right now. We’ll get into details like how far out clients are booking, what the fee range is and the different topics clients are booking.

That’s just a small slice of what we cover so join us and listen in to episode 242 of The Speaker Lab.


  • What do all speakers need to have in their speaking video right now?
  • Brandon’s rule of thumb for how much should you spend on your video.
  • How important is SEO for speakers today?
  • Where are their primary lead sources coming from?
  • Why being local is a value add for event planners and booking agents.
  • How far out are most events booking right now?
  • What’s the financial outlook for the speaking industry?
  • How to manage the mental game of the speaking cycle.
  • And so much more!

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