Episode #163

How to Stay Top of Mind With Potential Clients

With Brandon Edmonson

The key to repeat business and staying booked solid is learning how to stay top of mind with potential clients. And one man who knows exactly how to do this is Brandon Edmonson of Premiere Speakers Bureau.

Brandon is an agent with the bureau and in his role, he books hundreds of gigs each year. He’s gained a lot of insight into the process, all of which he shares today.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we talk about how he finds and books engagements, how he stays top of mind with his potential clients as well as what common topics associations and companies are looking for and how you can position your material on those topics.

We wrap up with a chat about what it’s like working with celebrities, including a really great story of working with a late night talk show host! This is a fun and informative session with Brandon you won’t want to miss so listen in to episode 163 of The Speaker Lab now.


  • Why you need to have 3 actionable items for your audience.
  • What is the #1 marketing asset all speakers need to have?
  • How do you narrow down a broad topic to pursue a specific market?
  • What will always be a requested topic for speakers?
  • What do the bureaus do during “dead” months?
  • How does he balance staying top of mind without being a bother?
  • Why you should create a documentary-style video as part of your marketing effort.
  • How important are your website and your one sheet?
  • And so much more!
About Brandon Edmonson

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