179. How to Craft an Experience for Your Audience With Stephen Shapiro

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As a speaker you want to leave a good impression, but do you know how to craft an experience for your audience during your speech? Our guest, Stephen Shapiro, is a master at doing this and he’s here to tell us how on today’s episode of The Speaker Lab.

Stephen began his career with Accenture where he spent 15 years and created a 20,000 person practice around process and innovation. As a result, he was charged with speaking to this group and soon found himself giving over 100 speeches a year. He realized he loved it, and he wanted to do it as his own full-time business.

Also on this episode, Stephen explains how he got his start, how he has built momentum and how he differentiates himself as a speaker through experiential keynotes and two specific ways he uses technology. You’ll hear what those ways are and much more when you join us on episode 179 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Does it really take 10 years to build a solid speaking business?
  • What does he do today to get bookings that are different from when he started out?
  • Should you pursue a relationship with a speaking bureau – why or why not?
  • What is personality poker and how can you use it in your presentations?
  • How to experiment with different experiential techniques while speaking.
  • What does a brick have to do with his keynotes?
  • How can you help your audience retain your information 10% better?
  • How does he use technology to keep his participants engaged after his speech?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Being a great speaker does not equate to having a great speaking business.”



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