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Jason Freeman

San Diego, CA

The speaking profession seemed deeply confusing to me. Booked and Paid to Speak has helped me appreciate all the different aspects involved in being a successful professional speaker and to take consistent actions towards achieving competence in each of them.

Gayle Suzanne

Charlton, MA

There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel but I kept hearing Grant’s words that I would get rejections, that HE got rejections, but to keep on pressing on. I’m so glad that I did!

Matt Coates

Peoria, IL

Before The Speaker Lab, I really struggled with where to start. The Speaker Lab helped me learn the process of the business side of it and helped me shape my entire approach in how I market myself.

Noelle LaCharite

Hopkinton, NH

Before The Speaker Lab, I really struggled with creating a professional image, talking to clients, discussing pay. The Speaker Lab helped me find a community, build an event pipeline, realize I am not alone, and get feedback on my progress.

John Crowley

Brentwood, TN

I didn’t understand the process to vet speakers. I needed help with everything from the website, highlight video, proposals, contracts, abstracts, etc. The Speaker Lab gave the insight necessary to feel comfortable when prospecting, negotiating and following up after the event.

Scott Garver

Columbus, OH

I really struggled with believing that I could be a professional speaker, but The Speaker Lab helped me see that others out there are doing it. And they are no different then me, so why can’t I.

Eric Eaton

Crested Butte, CO

The Speaker Lab has been extremely beneficial in laying out the groundwork around how to book my next client. Grant and the team do a great job in laying out the necessary steps to achieve the status you are seeking.

Nick True

Chattanooga TN

There’s a lot of great “success” that can come with speaking, but nothing will top the feeling of someone actually listening to you, appreciating it, and then taking action. The Speaker Lab has helped me focus and understand how that focus will grow my speaking business.

Cathy Sikorski

Pottstown, PA

The Speaker Lab has helped me prioritize my goals. I really struggled with finding engagements. I’m clearer now about how to go about it, and I’m just getting started on implementing some of the great tips from the course.

Mike Marsteller

Philadelphia, PA

The Speaker Lab has helped me realize doing the non-sexy work is what makes this actually work. Before The Speaker Lab, I really struggled with not reaching out to enough people. Now I always stay on the offense and reach out to more and more folks. It’s made a huge difference.

Mike Ganino

Los Angeles, CA

I found The Speaker Lab right at the beginning so I think I was lucky to have some of the framing about how to build a speaking business. I love the road map. I think people are often paralyzed when there isn’t a next step. The Speaker Lab model is very helpful in that it creates a repeatable system to guide next steps.

Josh Steimle

Shenzhen, China

I love knowing that what I say matters and is making a difference. It’s very humbling. The Speaker Lab has helped me gain the confidence to ask for what I’m worth and be willing to walk away if necessary.

Melanie Deziel Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab Questions to ask before signing speaking contract public speaking public speaking contract questions

Melanie Deziel

New York, NY

I went from working a corporate job to turning down inbound invitations to speak inside of a year, and that’s a tremendous accomplishment. The most important thing that The Speaker’s Lab gave me is the knowledge and resulting confidence that I know how to make strategic decisions that will drive business growth.

Dustin Hogan

New Westminster, BC Canada

The Speaker Lab assisted me in building my brand and in gaining clarity on how to successfully start building my speaking business. I was able to build a following of supporters who were interested in my content. Booked and Paid to Speak was the first course I have taken to assist me in building my speaking business and it was the crucial first step in my success.

Mettie Spiess

Milwaukee, WI

I was a corporate career gal putting off pursuing my true mission and talents because of what I did not know about running my own business. The Speaker Lab helped in every way possible: ongoing support and encouragement, an agreement template, and how to refine my three greatest marketing materials (website, presentation, and demo video).

Erick Rheam

Bloomington, IN

It’s been very satisfying for me to discover that there’s a market for my passion and that organizations are willing to pay me well for my passion. The Speaker Lab helped me gain the confidence that I can truly build a career in speaking and not only pay the bills with it, but thrive and live a life I truly longed for so long.

Dr. Sue Ettinger

Tarrytown, NY

My biggest success as a speaker has been seeing my speaking career and Dr. Sue brand grow. Before The Speaker Lab, I really struggled with the business strategy part of speaking. The Speaker Lab has helped me feel confident and make a plan for generating more leads. And rock that talk!

Ryan Haack

Verona, WI

TSL helped me to find my message, my audience, and my confidence. I’ve learned so many strategies for finding opportunities and resources to make the most of them. What I really love is that the course doesn’t only tell you how to become a dynamic speaker, it helps you determine why you want to be a speaker.

Jill Christensen

Denver, CO

I’ve wanted to be a professional speaker since I took an Oral Speaking class in college in 1986. Getting started (lead gen) is harder than I expected. It’s great to have people who are going through the same things as I am to bounce things off. Now I know how to reply to conference planners. The scripts are invaluable.

J Israel Greene

Chicago, IL

I am an actor and being able to share the stories of the author’s work is really what interested me in being on stage. The Speaker Lab helped me gain clarity. Grant and the Speaker Lab program has really flushed out the “How do I” phase. It has taken all of the pieces of the business and laid them out in a methodical systematic way making them easy to follow and measure.

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