Episode #455

How to Overcome Burnout and Insecurity

With Kyla Cofer

A lot of coaches become speakers, and a lot of speakers become coaches. It’s not a simple 2+2=4 formula, but there’s a few reasons why these professions complement each other so well! One of our recent program alumni, Kyle Cofer, came onto episode 455 of The Speaker Lab podcast to discuss her path from life coaching to speaking. In this student highlight, Kyla shares how our program helped her amplify her message about overcoming burnout.

Going from aspiring to professional speaker requires tailored guidance and mentorship. As Kyla testifies, even an expert at coaching other people can have trouble overcoming a few nagging insecurities. Kyla and our director of student success Maryalice Goldsmith discuss the trickle down effect she experienced from her experienced TSL mentors and the breakthroughs she achieved using our five-module SPEAK framework.

Kyla is more than an entrepreneur and speaker–she’s also a devoted homeschooling mom. Juggling motherhood and the fast-paced speaker life is no joke and requires a few iron-clad priorities balanced by flexible routines. When it comes to childcare and splitting parental responsibilities, Kyla offers some “real talk” and encouragement for any speaker trying to give their best self to their kids and their business.

The truth is, nobody can be perfect to everybody all the time, and despite your best ambitions you will fall short at speaking, parenting, and everything in between! But like any good life coach, Kyla has words of wisdom for handling failure: it all comes down to gratitude and acknowledgement of what makes us human. If this episode doesn’t have you dying to hire Kyla as your life coach, it will definitely have you feeling better equipped to handle your flaws!

You’ll also learn all about: 

  • Why striving for perfection gets in the way of creativity.
  • How to readjust your goals without compromising.
  • How to move on without baggage from even the most epic flops.
  • The value of letting go when it comes to negative feedback.
  • Tips for composing and practicing your talk.
  • The relationship between self-care and successful speaking.
  • …and so much more!
About Kyla Cofer

Kyla is a thought leader – as a podcaster, leadership coach, keynote speaker and writer, she helps leaders excel. Her work focuses on burnout, embracing failure, and podcasting. She’s the creator of the Leadership School Podcast, and Podcaster School. As a dynamic keynote speaker, story-teller and workshop presenter, Kyla will give you the tools you’ve been searching for to heal from burnout, embrace failure, and step into being the great leader you were born to be. Kyla knows what it feels like. She has been through depression, low self-worth, and burnout, and seen the other side. She now embraces her leadership skills and change lives – without burning out. It’s Kyla’s life’s dream that mental and emotional health become cultural standards in a way that encourages long-term commitments to the slow processes of political and social change.

Kyla has been on the starting end of multiple nonprofits and businesses, and has spent almost 20 years in the pursuit of justice through volunteering, donating, supporting, and being an advocate for numerous causes. She holds a B.S. in Family & Human Services from John Brown University, and is certified as a coach through the Life Purpose Institute. As a small business consultant, Kyla offers leadership coaching, team training and advisory services, as well as bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses. Kyla lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and two entertaining children, where they are attempting to visit every playground in the city.

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