Episode #457

How to Find Your Niche [Coaches Corner]

With Katie Campbell

Establishing your niche is one of the most important tasks of building your speaking business.

Like all important tasks, this isn’t a one-step process–it is a long journey of discovery and refinement. Because this is such a hot topic among our TSL students, our latest coaches’ corner podcast naturally focuses on finding your niche. In Episode 457 of The Speaker Lab Podcast,  TSL coaches Maryalice Goldsmith and Katie Campbell discuss how to figure out what your niche really is. If your niche is an onion, this episode is peeling back the layers so you can hone in on your target audience and book the gigs that are best suited to your expertise.

The more you narrow your niche, the more you attract the attention of the right people. That’s how successful speakers build momentum, as Katie and Maryalice explain on the show. No matter how broad you think your message is, you can amplify it best by finding the specific audience out there whose needs intersect perfectly with what you bring to the table. At the same time, finding your niche should not be a limiting experience. Many speakers mistakenly think they have to draw only from their on-paper experience to find a niche. But if your industry is over-saturated, there is probably a gap in the market where an unexpected audience really needs to hear what you have to say!

Another limiting belief that many speakers unconsciously subscribe to is that your story determines your niche. Stories are a core part of who we are and any speaker’s personal brand. While your story informs your talk, it does not have to define your niche. Speaking at its core is about solving problems, not selling stories. If you feel stuck in your attempts to drill down in your niche, reconsider whether you have let your story eclipse the solutions you offer. Chances are, reorienting your speaker brand around solutions and transformation will give you a boost and help you reach the right people. That’s what Katie and Maryalice will walk you through in Episode 457!

You’ll also learn all about:

  • What your “unique leverage point” is and how to find it.
  • How to apply your experience to a drastically different field.
  • Why your expertise matters more than your stories.
  • How to choose stories that connect to your solutions.
  • How getting clear on your niche helps you sell yourself on the phone.
  • The importance of coaching and mentorship to overcoming imposter syndrome.
  • …and so much more!
About Katie Campbell

Katie is a certified coach. Prior to her own speaking and coaching practice, she worked in the corporate marketing world. With her training in marketing and web design, she regularly presented digital marketing keynotes and workshops to various industries around the Midwest region. Katie is also a musician and has spent many years in the music industry, running concert series, and promoting/booking for artists/venues.

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