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What is a Health Coach? 3 Things You Should Know
Discover how a health coach can level up your wellness journey by offering personalized guidance and support to achieve your health goals.
How to Write an Effective Persuasive Speech Outline: 5 Key Elements
Learn the 5 key elements of writing a persuasive speech outline that will move your audience.
15 Essential Presentation Techniques for Winning Over Any Audience
Getting ready to give a speech or presentation? Learn how to captivate and wow your audience with these 15 tips and tricks.
Empowering Voices: How Female Speakers Inspire Change
Discover how female speakers are revolutionizing public speaking and inspiring change across the speaking industry.
Smart Styling: What to Wear for Professional Headshots
Learn what to wear for professional headshots to ensure you look polished and poised for success in any industry.
How to Give a Meaningful Funeral Speech
Giving a speech at a funeral can be a challenging assignment. Here's how to write and deliver a funeral speech or eulogy that honors your loved one's legacy.
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10 Things They Don't Tell You About Speaking
Let's find out what they don’t tell you about speaking. These are 10 surprises speakers often encounter when they’re launching their business.
How to Make Effective Use of Body Language as a Speaker
Today we'll dig into how body language can make a difference for public speakers–both during your talk and during your interactions offstage.
How to Create Effective Speaking PowerPoint Presentations
How do you create effective speaking PowerPoint presentations? Today, we’ll go over when, why, and how to use slides in your talk.
What ChatGPT and AI can do for speakers
Want to learn more about what ChatGPT and AI can do for speakers? Here is your list of 10 ways ChatGPT and AI can help speakers.
7 Networking Tips for Public Speakers
Are you a professional speaker looking to make career-building connections? Here are our top 7 networking tips for public speakers.
Top 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Speaking
Trying to start your speaking business from scratch? Here are the 7 things no one will tell you.
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