How to Land on a Fee You Feel Confident With from Angie Besignano

This week, Maryalice Goldsmith and Angie Besignano are digging into how to charge your worth as a new speaker. 

If you need a few tips to feel more confident with your pricing, this episode is for you

This episode covers: 

  • 05:59 Why you have to understand your money mindset and how to change your relationship with money. 
  • 08:44 How to set realistic expectations around your financial expectations. 
  • 11:13 What goes into developing a well rounded fee.
  • 14:34 How to assess your value based on expertise, not time.
  • 16:58 Developing your confidence as a speaker through your fees.
  • 23:09 Why you need to gut check when you’re quoting prices.
  • 26:46 Elevate your pricing through market testing. 
  • 29:44 Using boundaries and confidence to set fair fees. 
  • 31:06 Understand the market, your money mindset, and your goals for true success in the speaking industry.

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If you’re not up for the whole episode, here’s Angie’s tips to help you land on a rate you feel good about! 

“I think there are some rules of thumb, right? We’re not going to just pull numbers randomly and say, oh, this is what I’m going to charge. There are some pieces to it. You’re going to say, okay, what do I need to make? And really doing some homework in terms of in your space, what does the market bear?

And you can do research to figure that out to see. Do my goals make sense based on where I’m speaking? Let’s just say it’s your very first speaking gig and you’re having that conversation with the decision maker, the gatekeeper, you’ve done a lot of work to get to that point. So even though you may not be polished yet on your stagecraft and all of the things that go into the actual gig, you do bring so much value. I mean, Grant talks about the doctor thing, right? They’ve spent ten years to charge $50,000 for a ten minute procedure.

We’re not getting paid that way. We’re not getting paid by the hour. We’re getting paid for everything that we’ve put into getting to this point. That’s what we’re getting paid for. I think we often forget about that.

We’ve heard our students talk about this all the time. How do I charge hourly? How do I make it make sense? Well, you make it make sense when you look at all the years that you have honed in on your craft. What you’re bringing is going to have this major trickle down effect, a positive impact on the people that you’re speaking to, not only because you’re talking about it, but because of the experience and the expertise that you bring.”

Check out the whole episode here


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