How Speaker Bureaus Are Responding to COVID-19 With Shawn Hanks

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Grant Baldwin and Shawn Hanks hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speaking bureaus are responding and adjusting to the coronavirus.

During the live stream, Grant and Shawn discuss:

  • How appropriate the term “unprecedented” is in these unique times
  • Finding comfort in shared experiences
  • Adapting in the midst of unforeseen circumstances
  • Navigating the process of postponing/rescheduling 400+ events
  • The challenge of responding with grace versus reacting in fear
  • Operating from a place of fear in the short-term creates long-term losses
  • Focusing on relationships and maintaining bridges
  • Adjusting presentation to fit virtual delivery
  • Following wise financial practices to prepare for times of crisis
  • Diversify your business with other offers besides speaking on stage
  • Be cautious before you pivot your entire platform
  • Reaching out to clients to see where their pain points are and how you can serve their audience with content in the interim
  • And more


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