115. How to Speak 800 Times in 5 Years With Chantelle Adams

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Chantelle Adams joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to share how she spoke 800 times in 5 years, and so much more!

Can you imagine doing 800 gigs in 5 years? Our guest for this edition of The Speaker Lab did just that and she’s here to share exactly how she successfully managed such a feat!

Chantelle Adams got her start as a speaker in the education and corporate markets before making a name for herself in the entrepreneurial field.

On today’s podcast, she explains why she started where she did, how she structured her offerings and her schedule to fit 800 gigs into five years and how she now spends her days helping the change-making women of the world step into their own and shine.

When you join us for episode 115 of The Speaker Lab you’ll hear Chantelle talk about all of that plus her worst speaking gig ever (and how she turned it into a positive experience). Listen in for all of that and more on today’s show!


  • What did she do prior to becoming a speaker?
  • Why did she decide to become a speaker in the education field?
  • How to add more value to your speaking gig so you stand out and land more clients.
  • What did she do to solicit new leads from clients?
  • How to make your clients say “heck yes” to your proposals!
  • Why gratitude and being grounded leads to ongoing success.
  • What local industries and organizations does she recommend focusing on?
  • How did she handle being a mom of three boys and speaking so often?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “You have to come back to what feels right to you.” – Chantelle Adams