258. 5 Parts to a Successful Event with Chris Mefford

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Chris Mefford Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab 5 parts of a successful event public speaking hosting your own event public speakerHow can you create a really great event? One person who knows is Chris Mefford.

Chris knows the 5 parts to a successful event and he’s going to tell us what they are on today’s episode of The Speaker Lab. As the former VP of Development with Dave Ramsey and a business coach and consultant today, Chris has a massive amount of experience when it comes to putting on events of all sizes.

Today he tells us how to think about, plan and program events. He has a lot of tricks of the trade and you’ll hear them all when you listen to episode 258 of The Speaker Lab!


  • These are the two things you must-have for a successful event: what are they?
  • Where do you start when planning your event?
  • Why it’s ok to think small!
  • How do you calculate the costs involved?
  • Can you launch too early?
  • Should you have multiple tracks or just one?
  • When do you send out your post-event survey?
  • What are the three ways to make money from an event?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Don’t overthink this: if it isn’t fun then don’t do it!Chris Mefford


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