161. How to Make Money Speaking to Non-Profits With Connie Albers

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Connie Albers joins Grant Baldwin to talk about how to make money speaking to non-profits on episode 161 of The Speaker Lab.

Learn how you can make money speaking to non-profits and why you shouldn’t listen to all the myths you hear in the industry.

Is it really true that non-profits don’t have funds to pay for speakers? Or is it just a matter of finding out how to make money speaking to non-profits?

Our guest today, Connie Albers, says it is the latter. Today she is debunking the myth that non-profits have no money for speakers, and sharing how to find the ones that do!

Connie has been in the speaking world for many years, as both a speaker and as an event organizer. We’ll talk about the lessons she’s learned while working with everyone from Disney to churches.

She will also explain the opportunities available for speakers wanting to reach the non-profit and faith-based markets. You’re going to hear all of that and more on episode 161 of The Speaker Lab!



  • Why should you go to your local Chamber of Commerce events?
  • How to follow up after you attend those Chamber of Commerce events.
  • Why does she customize every pitch she makes?
  • The reason to take pictures with people you meet – and it’s not for social media!
  • How do you know which types of non-profits have money, and which don’t?
  • Why is your media kit vital to showing you are worth your asking fee?
  • How do you prove your worth if you’re fairly new to speaking?
  • What are steps to take if you are interested in speaking to the faith-based market?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable:  “Know who you are and what you do.” — Connie Albers