252. Cultivating Relationships as a Speaker with Harriet Turk

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Harriet Turk joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about building a long-term speaking career.What’s one of the most important aspects of your business? Cultivating relationships as a speaker, and here to give us wisdom on that topic (and more) is Harriet Turk.

On episode 252 of The Speaker Lab, we talk about a wide range of topics including how to connect with event planners and meeting planners via text and email and how to manage the busy times and the slow times in the speaking business.

There’s a lot to uncover and learn from Harriet so join us on this edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • Do seasoned veteran speakers feel insecure at times?
  • What are the top 2 things speakers do that annoy planners?
  • What are a few cold email approaches that work?
  • When is a text conversation with planners appropriate?
  • What links should you include in your introductory email?
  • Why is she reaching out to potential clients via the postal mail right now?
  • How do you know when to try a different method of contacting planners?
  • Is the speaking world big enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Networks are small and in some way we are all connected.  
Harriet Turk


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