272. How to Turn Your Clients Into Fans with David Meerman Scott

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david meerman scott Grant Baldwin fanocracy how to turn clients into fans The Speaker Lab public speaking public speakerEver consider how to turn your clients into fans – even raving fans? Our guest today, David Meerman Scott, has literally written the book on doing so and he’s here to share his insights.

Today on the Speaker Lab, we talk about how to turn your clients into raving fans, and how he can talk about a general topic that applies to many audiences while still standing out in the marketplace. We also discuss how he landed speaking gigs on Tony Robbins’ stages, something he does frequently.

Plus you’ll want to stay tuned til the end when he tells one of the BEST stories! It’s a nightmare for any speaker, but it’s hilarious so join us to hear it on episode 272 of The Speaker Lab.


  • How did he book a gig on Antarctica?
  • Why do Tony Robbins’ speakers give away everything during their talks?
  • What is newsjacking and why is it so beneficial for speakers?
  • Why he doesn’t read or listen to other content in the marketing niche.
  • What is the first step in how to turn your clients into fans?
  • Are there scientific reasons for hanging around after you give your talk?
  • How can hashtags help you connect with people after a speech?
  • Why does he do yoga before he speaks?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “I want the speech to be about the audience and how they can build fans.” – David Meerman Scott



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