194. How to Get Attention and More Clients with Neen James

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Neen James joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about owning your uniqueness, how she did it and why doing so will help you stand out as a speaker.

Knowing how to get attention in today’s increasingly digital world is no small feat, and our guest is here to fill us in. If you’ve listened to the show for awhile you may remember her from episode 124 – Ms. Neen James.

She’s a rare repeat guest and we make great use of her visit on today’s The Speaker Lab. We talk about attention: getting and keeping attention from potential clients and even other speakers, and how to pay attention.

We’re also talking about the grind of speaking and how to stay positive and not give up. Neen is a long-time speaker who knows the ups and downs of building and maintaining a speaking career, together we talk candidly about our own experiences of the highs and the lows. There’s much to learn from Neen so settle in and join us on this episode of The Speaker Lab.



  • How to go analogue in a digital world.
  • What’s the absolute best marketing tool?
  • How peanut butter and jelly landed her a client.
  • What is her approach for using a CRM effectively?
  • How to use simple video to create custom communication.
  • What is her process to follow up without being annoying?
  • Why attention is really about authentic connection.
  • Which should you approach first: associations or contacts in your specific industry?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Your actions have to match your ambitions.” – Neen James