237. The History of The Speaker Lab, Part I

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Start your public speaking career or take it to the next level with The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin!Episode 237 of The Speaker Lab is a unique show: we are diving into the history of The Speaker Lab!

And we are doing it by flipping the tables: I am going to be interviewed by Eric Rheam. You may recognize him from previous shows, he’s a former alum of Booked and Paid to Speak and a current coach with the program.

This is the first of a two-part series in which we detail how I got into speaking, what my early years were like as a speaker, and then how and why I created The Speaker Lab. Join us for those goodies and more on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • What’s a great exercise I recommend to other speakers today?
  • How many gigs did I do in my busiest year?
  • How long did it take to go from my first gig to my first $1k gig?
  • Do I still experience insecurities and doubts today?
  • What is the purpose of The Speaker Lab?
  • Why speaking is a high-paying manual labor gig.
  • What are the two primary ways to make more money as a speaker?
  • What does it mean to “sell the sawdust”?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “It’s a lot of little things you do that make a difference.