114. How to Be a Speaker and Entrepreneur With Jay Baer

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Jay Baer joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about being a speaker who consults versus a consultant who speaks, creating a business that runs without him, and much more!

Many speakers’ businesses rely solely on getting paid to speak. But how can you build a business in addition to your speaking roles? Is it possible to have a successful speaking career and a thriving business?

It is! Here to tell us how he’s done it is Jay Baer. Jay is the best-selling author of multiple books, and he’s an international keynote speaker. Jay also runs Convince and Convert, his fifth business endeavor.

Today he talks about how Convince and Convert are set up as three solid divisions, how he’s created a business that can run without him, and how he’s gone from speaking to Kiwanis Clubs to connecting with audiences around the globe. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 114 of The Speaker Lab!


  • How many live keynotes and webinars did he do in 2016?
  • Why he became a speaker who consults versus a consultant who speaks, and what the difference is.
  • What was the mental shift he made to feel confident in his speaking content?
  • How can you tell a true keynote speaker from the wannabe?
  • Why he prefers the process of elimination over the process of discovery.
  • How to find exactly what topics to speak on.
  • What would he do differently if he were starting over?
  • Why the less he writes the better his business does!
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “It is an honor to take the stage every single time.” – Jay Baer