330. How to Speak to Associations with Katrina Davis

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#330 Episode

How to Speak to Associations with Katrina Davis

If you’re looking to better understand how to speak to associations you are in luck!

Today’s guest is Katrina Davis, who has been an event planner and education director for the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives for 6 years and has over 15 years experience as an event planner.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, she tells us about what she has learned from her work with a variety of speakers, how COVID has changed their approach to events and much more!

Listen in to hear it all on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab.



  • How speaking at one association can open the door to many more gigs.
  • What question should you ask to adapt your speech to an association or industry?
  • When should you speak to members of an association?
  • What is one thing good speakers do ahead of time?
  • What can you do to get on the radar of an event planner?
  • Do your videos need to have recent footage of you speaking?
  • What info should your web site have on it?
  • Are there certain approaches that are more effective when following up?
  • And so much more!

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