301. The Current State of the Speaking Industry with Ryan Giffen

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#301 Episode

The Current State of the Speaking Industry with Ryan Giffen

Ryan Giffen is an agent at Premiere Speakers Bureau and he’s here to give us an update on the current state of the speaking industry.

He’s been an agent for over a decade. While he’s joined us in the past to talk about education and working in a speakers bureau, on today’s show he’s going to tell us what he’s seeing on the front lines right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan works with speakers and event planners on a daily basis so he has his finger on the pulse of the industry. Listen in to hear his perspective and much more on episode 301 of The Speaker Lab!


  • How are the different markets responding to the current pandemic?
  • Are certain avenues opening up more than others right now?
  • What kind of flexibility will you need as a speaker?
  • How do you need to prep differently for virtual speaking?
  • How can you tier your fees for virtual gigs?
  • Is virtual just a stop gap until we can get back to in-person events or is it the new normal?
  • When do you need to readjust your pricing?
  • Why you should focus on how your content can add value in different ways.
  • And so much more!

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