296. A Discussion on Race and The Speaking Industry

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#296 Episode

A Discussion on Race and The Speaking Industry

Today’s conversation is a discussion on race and the speaking industry with my friend Nicole Walters. Nicole is an incredible speaker, amazing entrepreneur and phenomenal human being.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we talk about the heavy but important topic of racism in the speaking world. We talk about what exists in the marketplace for her as a Black woman, how she sees things that I don’t as a white male. She also gives advice for minority speakers and shares what the speaking community at large can do to better support diversity in the industry.

These are serious topics but Nicole brings her humor, lightheartedness and personal wisdom. Join us for this much-needed talk on episode 296 of The Speaker Lab with Nicole Walters.


  • Why it’s important for activism to be on-going and not just a trend.
  • How racism impacts her everyday life: a snapshot.
  • What are new factors she considers now when booking gigs?
  • Do you know what performative activism is and why you should avoid it?
  • What group of people are becoming entrepreneurs at a rate of 9x the average American?
  • When you should add 10% to your asking fee.
  • What are some ways white people can be an allies for speakers of color?
  • How to encourage diversity at your speaking gigs.
  • And so much more!

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