185. How to Be a Road Warrior

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Part of living the speaker life is travel, so today you’ll find out how to be a true road warrior! Joining us to give her expert insights and wisdom is our co-host, Melanie Diezel. If you’ve been listening to The Speaker Lab for awhile you’ll remember Melanie from some recent episodes: she is an outstanding speaker, coach and consultant on her own – and she also does a phenomenal job of coaching our Speaker Lab students.

And we had such terrific feedback from her recent appearances we decided to bring her back to the show. She’s joining us for the next 3 episodes and we’ll be talking about a few different topics.

Today we’re covering how to be a road warrior, booking travel, packing essentials, travel perks and rewards. It’s all things travel today as a speaker and road warrior! Join us for that and more on today’s The Speaker Lab.



  • Should you book your hotel or ask the client to do it for you?
  • How far out should you book your travel?
  • What is a tech tackle box?
  • Why you should travel in clothes you could speak in.
  • What is a travel one sheet and should you have your own?
  • Why and how to choose one particular airline and its rewards program.
  • Should you pay for TSA Pre-check and how can you get reimbursed for it?
  • And so much more!

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