268. How Writing and Speaking Go Together with Ryan Holiday

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Ryan Holiday Stillness Is The Key Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab public speaking public speaker how writing and speaking go togetherHow writing and speaking go together may seem obvious, but there are important distinctions and here to explain what they are is Ryan Holiday.

Ryan is a best-selling author of several books as well as an in-demand international speaker.

On episode 268, he tells us more about how writing and speaking go together in his business, as well as his process for writing and developing a talk and how he gets into the zone before speaking to big audiences. You can hear us dig into those topics and more on this episode of The Speaker Lab.



  • How does he test new material?
  • What similarities does he find among his diverse audiences?
  • What does he try to do with each of his books?
  • Does he set specific speaking intentions when he writes his books?
  • When can it be difficult to get reps as a speaker?
  • Can geography impact your speaking opportunities?
  • How does he define stillness?
  • Why is it better to speak earlier in the conference series?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “The best marketing I’ve done is write good books that sell.” – Ryan Holiday


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