084. How to Choose Your Speaking Business Model

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When you started speaking did you give much consideration into how it would serve your business? If you didn’t, you are not alone! Often, people begin speaking without thinking about how it will fit into their business model.

Whether your career is successfully underway or you’ll still be getting started, you should give some thought as to why you want to speak.

You should also ponder how it fits into your overall business, both brand and long-term goals, as well as what type of speaking engagements you enjoy most.

On episode 84 of The Speaker Lab, you’ll hear why these three questions are important to answer. You’ll also hear what the four revenue models for speakers are and you can decide for yourself which fits you best. Tune in for all of that and more on today’s show!


  • What are the 4 revenue models for speakers?
  • How can you speak less, and charge more?
  • The two most common reasons people want to speak.
  • What other revenue sources can you tie to your speaking engagements?
  • What is the biggest downside to speaking?
  • Why it’s important to diversify your income sources.
  • How my speaking business model has changed and evolved over time.
  • And so much more!

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