251. Navigating Life Changes as a Speaker with Melanie Deziel

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Melanie Deziel Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab Questions to ask before signing speaking contract public speaking public speaking contract questionsChange is inevitable, but what is it like navigating life changes as a speaker? Our guest for today’s episode of The Speaker Lab shares her journey. She’s someone you know and love – Ms. Melanie Deziel.

Since her last visit to the show, she’s had some major life changes: like becoming pregnant! Having a child is a major life event and she’ll tell us how she’s changing her speaking business as a result.

Listen in to hear how to navigate a significant change like having a child or any other major life milestone on episode 251 of The Speaker Lab.



  • What was the most important question she asked herself?
  • Are there speaking options that don’t require travel?
  • What was one of her fears about sharing her pregnancy?
  • How has she navigated planning and booking gigs around her due date?
  • What elements has she ramped up to offset the lack of speaking gigs?
  • Why did she create a remote mastermind group?
  • Should you charge a higher fee to compensate for having fewer gigs?
  • How to share expectations with your significant other and family about travel and speaking gigs.
  • And much, much more!

Tweetable: “It’s not a lesser version of your mission, it’s a different version.”– Melanie Deziel


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